Tours for the Ergometer

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If you use an ergometer for training at home, very soon one question arises :

What do you do during your “ride” on the exercise bike ?

Remaining on one spot all the time – enclosed within the walls of your compartment – the hole thing
tends to become pretty boring pretty soon, if you don’t have a suitable entertainment.

But – what is suitable ?

Listening to music or radio – of course ! Entertainment for your ears – alas your eyes – your eyes are
staring constantly at the same old scene.

So – you try watching videos or TV. Sounds pretty cool at first – but turns out, not to be as great
really doing so.

This is very much comparable to the situation when you have to eat during walking. Though you can
catch what you see, you do not really enjoy the audio visual entertainment during pedaling.
So once more not a fully satisfying solution.

You might even think – there is no solution for this dilemma – and you had to live with a compromise –
but fortunately that’s not the case :

The entertainment, which is full in harmony with the training on the ergometer – is :

A real tour on the bike with automatically scrolling pictures combined with relaxing music

Everything fits together ! You start, you are watching great pictures from an actual bike tour –
and you arrive at the finish after 30 to 90 minutes.

I simply enjoy listening to the chill-out music just from the play button on the tour pages,
but of course, you can play your own favorite music. (Due to changes in the audio command by
– always start the music first – and choose the tour afterwards. Otherwise the
start of the music will stop the loading of the pages.)

System requirement is – some bandwidth for your internet access (the more the better), because all
the 1 MB pictures have to load before scrolling.
The auto scrolling can be activated with pressing the mouse wheel (for Windows systems by default).

With Linux systems auto scrolling may have to be enabled first:
Type “about:config” into the address bar of your browser and then toggle “general.autoscroll”
to “true” in the configuration table (further down). After that – leave the page with all other
lines untouched (not to cause unforeseen problems or crash for your browser).

According to my experience, the scrolling of the pictures is working fine and mostly smooth with
Seamonkey – mostly also with Firefox (may show delayed reactions during download of the pictures).
With Opera I have encountered empty pages occasionally with an XP system, the Internet Explorer
and Chrome tend to have a less smooth flow.
Just test Seamonkey if you are not happy with the performance of your browser.

I recommend to set the scroll speed around 20 to 50 seconds per picture – that’s what I found
to be most convenient.
(which I found to be impossible with the current Chrome Version: the speed was either below 15 s
or dropped to above 50 s per frame)


Here are some examples from Mountain Bike Tours



Tour ==> Schweinau – Rothsee (77 Pictures)


Tour ==> Schnaittach – Hohenstein (130 Pictures)



Tour ==> Karwendelrunde (80 Pictures)


And here is once again the direct link to all the tours

Mountain Bike Tours


Enjoy it !