Linux Mint 18 – re-activate Samba

Yesterday I installed Mint 18.1 (Mate-Version 64-bit)

Things were going quite as expected – until I noticed Samba was not working.
I had installed Samba from the Software Manager – but nothing happened after I had started Samba and put in my password.
Starting Samba in the Terminal showed an error message (access denied …) which had not been visible through the normal GUI.

After some searching in the internet I finally found out, that Mint 18 (and Mint 18.1) had no Samba support any more – due to said delay during boot.
Excellent ! Unfortunately I need Samba – like many users with mixed Linux and Windows structure – to get the access to the Linux HDDs.
And  – something within Mint 18 (and Mint 18.1) must have been missing, as just installing the Samba package had not worked.

With some further searching I finally could find the cause and the remedy:

Installing Samba Server in Mint 18                https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=224391

The crucial instructions  in the Terminal were these:
sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf
sudo apt-get install samba-common-bin

After that my Samba was working normal again

Off course you have also to install Samba itself – as mentioned above – e.g. from the Software Manager

Some further information on the subject is here:

Samba server not loading in Mint 18 MATE [SOLVED]


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  1. Thank you. I had the same problem today. You helped me very much solving it.

    Comment by Berny — 03/04/2017 @ 18:27 | Reply

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