Speed up Image Search with Mouse Gestures


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The first steps were in most cases like that :

click the link of an image gallery
– wait, until the window with the image gallery of the linked address has opened and has loaded all the contents
click on a thumbnail
– wait, until the window with the image has opened and finished loading – view the image, save it if you like it
click back
-wait until the window has opened and loaded
click back
-wait until the window has opened and loaded

You can speed up things, if you open multiple links first – and view images after that –
– but still, there is lots of tedious, unnecessary clicking.

Luckily there is a method, to make all this much faster and more easy – with Mouse Gestures

This is, how it works:

All you have to do, is download Redox Mouse Gestures as add-on to Firefox or SeaMonkey – and, to reconfigure exactly 2 gestures:

1) Moving the mouse cursor down: Open Link in New Window

2) Moving the mouse cursor to the right: Open Link in New Tab

3) Moving the mouse cursor to the left: Open Link in New Window – same procedure as with 1)
(most useful for horizontal oriented links)

Trouble under Linux – see this post from 4711

Now you can handle a link-list of image galleries or a thumbnail link assembly like that:

All you have to do is – moving the mouse cursor (with the right mouse button pressed) – top down – across all the links you want to open !

All the crossed links (the image galleries) will open automatically into new windows – without further action needed !
(the browser window should be maximized – and the task-bar should be set to stay in front – like in the example)

Then – you can close the window – if you can decide from the thumbnail view – or you

move the mouse cursor (with the right mouse button pressed) from left to right across the thumbnails – for closer inspection:

All the crossed thumbs will open as full size pictures into new tabs:

Tab 1 for example:

or Tab 5:

Once you have finished viewing or saving images – just close the window together with all the open tabs –
and step to the next window containing the next gallery.

More ease of use, speed or comfort – is nearly impossible !

Unfortunately the official home page doesn’t exist any more – but here
you can download the Redox Mouse Gestures as add-on for Firefox and SeaMonkey


Trouble under Linux – see this post from 4711

At the home page, click “Install Mouse Gestures” and then “Click to install Mouse Gestures”

As soon as the add-on for the mouse gestures has been installed successfully – 2 reconfigurations have to be done:

Open the Add-On-Manager

click onto Options – then this window will show up:

click onto General

then click onto Edit Gestures

scroll down until you get to Links and Bookmarks :

mark Open Links in Tabs

then click onto Edit – and this window will open:

type “R” into Gesture code (move mouse to the Right)

and click onto OK

affirm OK – and this window will appear:

Finally you have to proceed as well with Open Links in Windows – here type D (move mouse Down)

Now – this window should appear:

Affirm all changes with OK – ready to go !

You can use my test pages
(which I mainly produced to avoid any copyright violations)



and, of course, all the links on all the other sites !

Enjoy it !


Sure – there are a lot more applications for mouse gestures – but, for the described viewing of galleries and images
just these 2 gestures are all you need !


It may happen, that for some reason tabs won’t open – even not with the conventional mouse click method.

Then the workaround is such:
Close this window – and open it immediately using Recently Closed Windows

After that – the tabs will open quite normally !


Taskbar Shuffle is not only good for rearranging tasks in the taskbar –
it also prevents this most annoying collapsing of task symbols into a single “Multi-Task-Symbol”.
This absurd collapsing of task symbols does always happen, whenever Windows thinks there were too
many symbols in the task-bar.

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